angela raymondHello! My name is Angela Raymond.

I’m happy that you found Pieces to Ponder and I hope that you enjoy my opinions on a little bit about it all. I love to tell stories and am told that I am quite stubborn on many subjects. Blogging is the perfect way to express my views while also keeping my sanity!

I currently freelance helping clients with their digital marketing needs.  Social media, product launches,  Wordpress help and more.

My home life includes residing in Connecticut, California, Florida, Hawaii and North Carolina.

If you love Hawaii, feel free to join me on Facebook at

Some of my favorite things in life are travel, the beach, reading, writing, and spending time with friends and family.

Angela & Pete

Angela & Pete

My spectacular beau (Pete) and two great furry kids:  Kona and Patches make my life enjoyable, fun and adventurous!

Patches & Kona

Patches & Kona

I care ferociously about the environment, animals (more than most people), and equality for all.

Don’t be shy! I look forward to chatting (and probably arguing) with you on some of my blog posts.

Have fun!

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