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America is in need of a big overhaul. The “status quo” has NOT and is NOT working. We need something new – Bernie Sanders is it! He is the advocate for the middle class and our country.

I am sick and tired of the talking heads proclaiming how Bernie’s ideas are too radical and how they would never work. Why don’t we give it a try? Is there anything favorable happening right now for the middle class? NO! What is everyone so afraid of?

I can understand the 1% being afraid of Bernie’s ideas because it would take money out of their greedy pockets. What I completely don’t understand is everybody else. How could anyone in the middle class possibly vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? It is completely beyond comprehension. Do you truly believe that Trump or Clinton give a damn about you? Do you honestly think that they are going to make any changes that will benefit the middle class? No. Why would they even care about the middle class? They are not part of it and can not relate to the everyday trials and tribulations of working-class Americans. They only care about the wealthy and big corporations. That’s just how they roll. I personally have had enough of it and is why I am backing Bernie Sanders.

Below is a list of some of the important issues in The Bernie Sanders Plan (more here).
You can read how he is going to pay for and implement the plan here.

The Bernie Sanders Plan

The Bernie Sanders Plan – Click above image for more info.

Bernie Sanders actually cares. He has always spoken for the down-trodden and misfortunate. Always. He has a moral compass that I have never seen in any other political candidate.  His actions speak louder than any words.

Bernie has been on the “right” side of the important issues that have plagued our country for over 50 years!  No “flip-flopping” for Bernie Sanders!

Bernie sincerely wants to change this country for the better. It has to start now!  Incremental change is NOT going to work. We need to make major changes now for the future of the middle class. A revolution was inevitable, and who better to lead it than an honest, caring and humble man like Bernie Sanders!

If you care at all about the middle class in this country, there is only one person to vote for:
Bernie Sanders!

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