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Conservatives claim that people want “free stuff” because they are inherently lazy.  This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  The average citizen is simply tired of seeing the wealthy gain all of the special treatment from our government.

Subsidies for corporations are applauded and encouraged while at the same time deplored and discouraged for the average citizen. Taxpayers have every right to be angry.  Average citizens are on the hook for so many corporate subsidies and gain nothing in return.  Trickle down economics does not work. The argument that corporations are “job creators” is dead.  All of the monies gained from tax-payer funded subsidies are going straight to the top 1%.

“Free stuff” that benefit the rich and powerful on the back of the average taxpayer.

  • The Yacht Tax Deduction – If you are a yacht owner (your yacht must have a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters – most do), then your yacht can be considered a second home and you can deduct the interest.
  • Pharmaceutical Subsidies ($270/billion a year) – As reported by US Uncut, every taxpayer pays almost $2,000 a year to billion-dollar drug companies that profit off of taxpayer-funded research. The pharmaceutical companies are then getting even richer by buying the rights to these drugs (patents) that the taxpayer-funded research helped create. They then raise the prices of those same drugs so many Americans can’t even afford them.
  • The NFL – Do you like football? Whether you do or not, you are paying for stadiums, hotel stays, parties, security and the military presence at games. The Atlantic reported that the NFL demands special treatment from the cities where their stadiums are located. Local governments give it to them and pay it with your tax dollars.  According to the article, taxpayers provide about 70 percent of the cost of building and operating the fields where NFL teams play. Yet the wealthy NFL’s owners keep over 90 percent of the revenue generated at their subsidized stadiums.

Conservatives scream that they want less government intervention. Really?  If they truly wanted more independence they wouldn’t have their hand out to the government at every juncture. Any piece of legislation that is brought to the table to help citizens is shot down because of lack of funds. Conservatives claim that we don’t have any money for it. If our government would stop handing out “free stuff” to big corporations then there would be money available.

Our government needs to put more energy into caring about “We the People,”  instead of
“We the Corporations.”  We need to remove money from politics.

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