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Hillary Clinton is Above the Law

It’s not surprising at all that FBI Director Jim Comey announced that no charges would be filed against Hillary Clinton. This is the society that we live in. One set of rules for the powerful and the wealthy, another for the peons. Why are we NOW finally getting outraged about this? Why is this standard operating procedure?

Hillary Clinton was reckless, and according to the statute (18 U.S.C. Section 793), Clinton does not qualify to hold any public office, and certainly not the Presidency.  The “intent clause” is utter nonsense. She may not have intended for anyone other than her colleagues to receive her emails, but that doesn’t make it okay. She sent them and they were unsecured. She knew it and didn’t care because it was convenient.

Look at this scenario:

You decide to drive home from the bar, legally drunk and kill somebody. It was reckless but you didn’t intend to kill anybody, but it was more convenient for you than calling a taxi. Do you doubt at all that you would be charged with manslaughter or worse?

How about this one:

Hillary sends an email outlining the whereabouts of 40 CIA operatives in Syria. Her email is hacked and the 40 CIA operatives are tortured and killed. She won’t be charged because she didn’t intend for that to happen?

The double standard in our law enforcement has definitely reared its ugly head again. The question we should really be asking is:  What can we do about it? My answer is that I really don’t know.

Do we really want a leader that nonchalantly sends classified documents through the internet because she can’t handle two email accounts?

Even though Clinton skated on this one, it doesn’t mean we have to put her in the oval office. Hillary Clinton and her family need to go away. I am tired of their scandals and high and mighty attitude. She may be above the law, but I for one am not going to help put her into the White House. Enough is enough!

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