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May has been the month for humblebragging. This month I seem to have run into a lot of people that just can’t come right out and actually brag about their good fortune.  Better yet, stop bragging and show a bit of humility.

Below are some of the things that I have actually heard people “brag” about this month. I have also included a “non-brag version”, which would be my preference.

  • (To the optometrist) – I can’t wear glasses, my eyelashes scrape the lenses.

Better: My eyelashes are really long, I need contact lenses.

  • (In a restaurant to a friend) – My father said I can only choose between a Porsche or a Ferrari for my graduation gift.

Better: My father bought me a Porsche for graduation.

  • (To anyone that would listen) – I wish I could fit into junior sizes, the styles in the girls department are just too young looking.

Better: These clothes are just too young looking, I need to go to another store.

  • (In a restaurant to a friend) – My husband won’t go away for the weekend with his friends because he says that he just can’t stand being away from me for even one night.

Better: My husband should go away for the weekend and have some fun with his friends.

  • (To a mattress salesman) – I can’t sleep on my side, my hip bones jam into the box spring.

Better:  I need a really thick mattress.

  • (To a store clerk) – I don’t know which cleaners work best, my housekeeper usually picks them out.

Better:  Which cleaners would you recommend?

Have you heard any humblebragging this month? Share below!

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