100% Made in the USA – Is There Such a Thing?

Is anything completely made in the USA anymore?  After exhaustive research on many companies, I would have to sadly say no.  Most companies outsource production to foreign countries and bring their product back to the … [Read more…]

“Free Stuff” For the Rich – Nothing For Everyone Else

Conservatives claim that people want “free stuff” because they are inherently lazy.  This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  The average citizen is simply tired of seeing the wealthy gain all of the special … [Read more…]

I Don’t Understand the Anger About a $15 Minimum Wage

Some people are just so angry about the possibility of a $15.00 minimum wage. I don’t understand it at all.  Most of the arguments are from 40 plus year olds that went to college, accepted … [Read more…]

We The People… Are Clueless About Independence Day

Independence Day is upon us. A long weekend of fireworks, barbeques, beach visits, and time spent with family and friends. Whatever your plans may be for this weekend, please try to remember why we are … [Read more…]