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How I love the freedom and anonymity of taking to the open road!

In the last 6 months, I have been fortunate enough to do a bit of traveling by car and find myself hoping for that next road trip. As I hop into my car and take off, I realize that I am the only person on earth that knows when and if I will arrive at my destination.

I am entirely free from any routine. I kick off my shoes and roll down the windows, preparing for my adventure. The highway or back roads? The highway to start. As music blasts from my iPod or radio, I sing along to my favorite songs as loud as I please. The person in the next lane is staring at me, I don’t care what they think. I wave and smile at truck drivers. I can take a right or a left, it is my decision and mine alone.

I do look forward to stopping along the way; truck stops, gas stations, restaurants and eventually a hotel. If I can help it, I never stop at the same place twice. I wander inside where nobody knows who I am. I smile and chit-chat with no one, or everyone. Miss Anonymous. I am nameless, one face in a sea of a thousand faces.

When I finally stop at a hotel, I hesitate in my car for just a moment. I know that as soon as I give the clerk my license and credit card, the gig is up. My anonymity is stripped from me, at least for that one moment.

The next morning I depart from the hotel and I am back on the open road. My anonymity intact once again.

In a half a day I will be at my destination. A town where everyone knows my name. I feel slightly anxious as my incognito status slowly evaporates. My family, old friends, and acquaintances all live here. Any stop that I make I will most likely run into somebody that I know. I am ready for it now after my invigorating and solo ride up the coast. Here we go!

End of Road Trip - Or is It?Heading Home

I am back in my car heading south to my home in North Carolina.  I have only lived there for six months and am unknown to most. Miss Anonymous in a large city that is home – for now.

As I cruise through Virginia towards the North Carolina line, I see a sign that says:  Rocky Mount NC/Miami.  Should I simply keep going straight to Miami?  I may just do that.

The Merry Wanderer

The Merry Wanderer

Years ago my mother started calling me the “The Merry Wanderer.”  She even gave me her hummel by the same name. She was right – I need to wander.

Happy travels!

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