100% Made in the USA – Is There Such a Thing?

Is anything completely made in the USA anymore?  After exhaustive research on many companies, I would have to sadly say no.  Most companies outsource production to foreign countries and bring their product back to the … [Read more…]

The Election is Over – Who Won?

Who Won The Election? After months of painstakingly watching this shit-show of an election, it is finally over!  It’s 4:00 am and I am sitting hear in the quiet of my home.  I am happy … [Read more…]

The Best of North Carolina

Planning a trip to North Carolina?  Below are some of the best things to experience during your trip. North Carolina Beaches North Carolina has over 300 miles of barrier island beaches and two national seashores. … [Read more…]

Is it Time For a Third or Fourth Party?

It’s time that we seriously consider third party choices into our so-called democracy. The Republican and Democratic parties are both failing its citizens miserably. There is way too much corruption and pandering behind closed doors without … [Read more…]

“Free Stuff” For the Rich – Nothing For Everyone Else

Conservatives claim that people want “free stuff” because they are inherently lazy.  This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  The average citizen is simply tired of seeing the wealthy gain all of the special … [Read more…]