I Don’t Understand the Anger About a $15 Minimum Wage

Some people are just so angry about the possibility of a $15.00 minimum wage. I don’t understand it at all. ┬áMost of the arguments are from 40 plus year olds that went to college, accepted … [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton is Above the Law

It’s not surprising at all that FBI Director Jim Comey announced that no charges would be filed against Hillary Clinton. This is the society that we live in. One set of rules for the powerful and the wealthy, another for the peons.

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We The People… Are Clueless About Independence Day

Independence Day is upon us. A long weekend of fireworks, barbeques, beach visits, and time spent with family and friends. Whatever your plans may be for this weekend, please try to remember why we are … [Read more…]

Online Voting for Elections – KILL the Polling Stations!

The most recent primary elections have proven that polling stations should be killed once and for all. All around the country you have heard the stories about broken machines, paper ballots, incompetent workers, cardboard boxes … [Read more…]

The Uninformed Tourist of Hawaii

The Uninformed Tourist of Hawaii

Aloha! During my twenty-five years in the tourist industry in Hawaii, I still can’t believe some of the questions that I have been asked from some of the tourists. It was very hard sometimes to … [Read more…]