Is it Time For a Third or Fourth Party?

It’s time that we seriously consider third party choices into our so-called democracy. The Republican and Democratic parties are both failing its citizens miserably. There is way too much corruption and pandering behind closed doors without … [Read more…]

“Free Stuff” For the Rich – Nothing For Everyone Else

Conservatives claim that people want “free stuff” because they are inherently lazy.  This statement couldn’t be further from the truth.  The average citizen is simply tired of seeing the wealthy gain all of the special … [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton is Above the Law

It’s not surprising at all that FBI Director Jim Comey announced that no charges would be filed against Hillary Clinton. This is the society that we live in. One set of rules for the powerful and the wealthy, another for the peons.

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Why America Needs Bernie Sanders

America is in need of a big overhaul. The “status quo” has NOT and is NOT working. We need something new – Bernie Sanders is it! He is the advocate for the middle class and … [Read more…]