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Last week I was cruising up to Connecticut from North Carolina and found my dream car!  A Tesla!

Let me back peddle a bit.  2 months ago, I stopped at a rest area off of I-95 (I believe in Delaware) and noticed a construction crew installing Tesla charging stations. I said to myself, that’s great, but had yet to see a Tesla car myself – ever. Granted I had been living on Maui for the past 25 years and it can be a bit sheltered there, but even so, you would think there would be at least one Tesla on Maui. There may be, but I hadn’t seen one. Anyway, I digress.

Back to Last Week

I swung into the same rest area off of I-95, and lo and behold, the construction of the charging stations had been completed since my last trip. The charging stations stood impressively like soldiers. 12 of them, white with red trim and the Tesla letters emblazoned at the top. The Tesla logo is also proudly displayed in each parking slot. They patiently await a barrage of Tesla cars to cruise up to be charged.

I decided to run into the store for a coffee and when I came back out, there it was!  My red Tesla!  A young man was behind the wheel backing it up to the charger. He stepped out of his car and hooked up and I knew right then that I had to ask him about his car. I approached him with a smile and started asking him about his Tesla. He was very friendly and opened up to me as if we were old friends. This man loved his car!  While running around the car opening the doors, trunk, and hood; this man excitedly began to tell me about horsepower, battery weight, onboard cameras, mileage, and more!  His enthusiasm for his car was contagious and I instantly liked this man and his Tesla.

New Friend and New Tesla

Since we had now become such good friends, I decided to ask him how much his car cost. He didn’t bat an eye – $60,000.00 he told me and they will deliver it to your house.  A bit steep for my pocketbook, I thought to myself. It must have shown on my face because he then told me that the Model 3 is coming out by the end of 2017 with a price tag starting at only $35,000. Okay, that’s more realistic. I spent that on my last “gas guzzling” SUV.  He also told me that you can pre-order one with only $1000 down. Since April, over 300,000 people have done just that.

This stranger was so helpful and knowledgeable that I thought he may actually work for Tesla. I asked him. “No” he responded, ” but I do own Tesla stock.”  I thanked him and skipped away, trying to figure out financials for my new Tesla.

My journey continued while I tried to figure out the color scheme that I wanted for my new Tesla.  As I entered Connecticut, I saw another rest area and had to stop again for my four-legged friend. As I turned in, what did I see? Another Tesla!  This one was a darker red/maroon color. The man was just hooking up to the charger as I parked across from him. I decided to get his take on the car too. Just as friendly as the previous man, he opened the door and told me to sit inside and check it out. Mark (we are now on a first name basis) then demonstrated to me how the onscreen map worked. It showed all of the charging stations around us that he could actually get to, determined by how much “juice” he had left at that instant. Pretty impressive.  Mark also loved his car!

USA Tesla Charging Stations


Tesla information courtesy of my two new friends

– Approximately 260 miles on a charge (I believe the Model 3 is a bit less)
– Hundreds of charging stations across the USA and the world
– Very Quiet
– Good in the snow, batteries are heavy
– Yearly maintenance of $400 (they come to you)
– No more buying gas or oil changes
– 30 minutes to charge
– You can plug it into a regular, household outlet too
– Charging stations are free, tons of them
– No “bump” on the floor in the backseat
– Stylish
– On-board map of charging stations near you

I would like to thank these two men for taking the time out of their journeys for educating me on this marvelous car. It was great talking to them and I enjoyed our conversations immensely. Friendly people definitely make road trips more fun.

As I continued on my journey with the windows down, I thought to myself: Imagine how quiet it would be on the roadways if everyone was driving a Tesla? No traffic noise.

Well back to my Tesla color debate – black, white or silver?

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