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It’s time that we seriously consider third party choices into our so-called democracy. The Republican and Democratic parties are both failing its citizens miserably. There is way too much corruption and pandering behind closed doors without a care in the world for any of the needs of the citizens of this country.

This election season would be the perfect opportunity to support third party candidates. In the history of presidential elections, there never has been two candidates that are so venomously hated as much as Trump and Clinton. I can easily see why this is so. Clinton’s issues: voter fraud, the DNC debacle, emails, wiki-leaks, the FBI – Why isn’t she under indictment? Trump is another story, he is simply nuts. Every time he opens his mouth his sanity comes into question. From his racist remarks, foreign policy rhetoric, lack of policies, and his ridiculous talk about the wall – how can any sane person take him seriously? His own party leaders are not even going to vote for him. How he ever won the nomination is beyond reason.

Out of the millions of people available in our country, these two people are the choices that our two major political parties could come up with? If it wasn’t so scary it would actually be funny. Of course, the only honest and moralistic candidate (Bernie Sanders) would have won by a landslide. But oh no, Clinton was coronated before anyone else even started thinking about running, thanks to the corruption of the DNC. The Republicans didn’t fare much better, offering up 16 other clowns that couldn’t even beat Trump. What an absolute circus!


A third party candidate seems to be the right move with every passing day.  Each sound bite that I hear from Clinton and Trump simply makes me want to scream out load, and I find myself doing just that. Maybe now is the time! I am personally not going to be bullied into voting for the “lesser of two evils,” my conscious will just not allow it.

Trump or Clinton will probably become President of the United States, but not with my vote. It will also not be my fault. The two parties should start taking a hard look in the mirror and be really afraid of what they are seeing. Our government is not “We the People” anymore. It hasn’t been for a very long time.

It is really time to start taking third party candidates more seriously.  What do we really have to lose at this point? We should give it a shot.  A political shake-up is what this country really needs.  Are you in?

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