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The Uninformed Tourist of Hawaii

Aloha! During my twenty-five years in the tourist industry in Hawaii, I still can’t believe some of the questions that I have been asked from some of the tourists. It was very hard sometimes to keep a straight face while actually having to come up with a proper answer.

Below are my top ten, favorite Hawaii tourist questions that really made me laugh out loud.

  1. Can I rent a kayak up at Haleakala crater?
  2. Where do all the locals live?
  3. Where is the MGM casino located on Maui?
  4. What time does the humpback whale, fishing trip leave?
  5. If I catch a humpback whale, where is the closest taxidermy shop?
  6. Do I need a passport to visit Hawaii? (from a US citizen)
  7. Can I do a sunrise, Haleakala bike tour in the afternoon?
  8. Can I rent a car without a drivers license in Hawaii?
  9. Are you friends with Dog the Bounty Hunter?
  10. How long does it take to drive from Maui to Pearl Harbor?

One of my all-time favorite comments:

Back in the states…
(FYI – Hawaii is the 50th state)

Hawaiian HibiscusYou should really try to research a little bit about any destination that you are visiting before you arrive. The three things, at a minimum, that you should definitely focus on are: understanding cultural differences, the lay of the land, and local hot spots. If you learn these things for any travel destination, your trip will be much more enjoyable Рfor you and for the locals.

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Happy travels!

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  1. One of my college friends asked how long it took to drive the bridge from California to Hawaii….. you see that Hawaii is off the coast of Cali on any map, right? We had an awful time convincing her she was wrong- she kept showing us a small U.S. map- Hawaii and Alaska were right there, off the coast of California….separated by a line. I still don’t know if she understood.

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