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Independence Day is upon us. A long weekend of fireworks, barbeques, beach visits, and time spent with family and friends. Whatever your plans may be for this weekend, please try to remember why we are celebrating this day in the first place.

4th of July (Independence Day) History Lesson (short version)

July 1st, 1776 was the actual date the Declaration was signed by The Committee of Five:
(John Adams – MA, Thomas Jefferson – VA, Benjamin Franklin – PA, Roger Sherman – CT, and Robert Livingston – NY) and then submitted to Congress for final approval. On July 4th in 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the 13 American colonies would be free and independent from Great Britain. This declaration formed a new nation, The United States of America.

Simple, right? Who doesn’t know this about our own nation? Apparently, many people have no clue! I am ashamed to say that I just watched a video from Mark Dice asking this very question to random folks on the street.

Check it out:

This is really embarrassing to me as an American citizen.

Do you need a quick refresher? Here is a good site for information on The Charters of Freedom.

Happy Fourth of July America! Stay safe, have fun and for the love of America, learn our history… please.

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